Strada dei vini e dei sapori
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La Gnoccata, Guastalla
 La Gnoccata a Guastalla  This is a traditional celebration of a popular insurrection that took place in the mid-19th ...

Events, festivals and ancient traditions




Visiting local fairs and festivals

Ancient traditions of the farming community


The area of Reggio and surroundings has a wealth of healthy traditions and hosts a rich programme of fairs, festivals and historical re-enactments every year.

Customs and usages linked to the earth, the seasons and local specialties are maintained by the many traditional festivities that dot the calendar.


The farmers' markets unite folklore with trade, and curiosity about a way of life with aggregation and entertainment. Fairs traditionally associated with saints or the cult of a patron saint are also quite common, such as the Fair of St Prospero in Reggio Emilia at the end of November.


Naturally, other occasions are dedicated to food delights and the wealth of local gastronomic specialties.

Just to name a few: Festival of Wild Asparagus, in Vezzano sul Crostolo during the first week of May; Festival of the Po, in Boretto during the third week of June; Festival of Lambrusco, in Albinea between June and July; Fair of Parmigiano Reggiano, in Casina during the first week of August; Festival of Mushrooms, in Succiso during the first week of September; Festival of Pumpkins, in Reggiolo between September and October; Festival of Chestnuts, in Marola during the second half of October; and the Festival of Truffles, in Cavola and Toano during the first two weeks of November.



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