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Antonio Ligabue - The Italian van Gogh
 Antonio Ligabue - The Italian van Gogh  For all his life (Zurich, 1899-Gualtieri ,1965) Antonio Ligabue was most ...
Cesare Zavattini
 Cesare Zavattini ...(the bicycle) the people of Emilia use it like a hat, which cannot be abandoned even if ...
Correggio Art Home
 Correggio Art Home Taking his inspiration from the culture of the 15th century and the great masters of that period ...
Cervi Museum, Gattatico
 Cervi Museum, Gattatico  Museo Cervi is an important cultural institution of the territory and it has been created in ...

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Protagonists through history

An inheritance of history, art and culture


The unique qualities of these places along the Routes of Wines and Flavours are deeply rooted in time. Many famous people have appeared on the stage of Emilia through the centuries. During the Middle Ages these were the lands of Matilda of Canossa whose county extended from Tuscany to Mantua and was a major scene of European politics in the eleventh and twelfth centuries.


Countess Matilda had favoured the encounter between Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV that took place in Canossa and changed the history of Europe in 1077. The excommunicated emperor waited outside the castle in the snow for three days and three nights for revocation of the papal anathema.

Traditions and traces of medieval culture are still evident today in Matilda's territory. These roads were also travelled by protagonists in the Renaissance period.


There were many independent fiefs in the lowlands of Reggio province: Gualtieri belonged to the Bentivoglio family, former lords of Bologna; Novellara and Guastalla belonged to the house of Gonzaga; and Correggio was the princedom of the family from which it took its name. South of the Via Emilia, Scandiano was the county of the Boiardo family, from which the famous poet descended.


During the Renaissance, great works of art and architecture were created for the seats of the most important noble families where renowned artists such as Correggio, Lelio Orsi, Nicolò dell’Abate, Camillo Procaccini and others were at work.

Even in more recent times, these territories have sent forth leading protagonists in economic, artistic, cultural and sports endeavours. These include men and women, but also brands, whose fame has reached every continent in representation of this lively, effervescent.




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