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Cities on the plain

mappa dell'itinerario di reggio emilia


Cities on the plain

The glory of nobles, artists and palaces


During the Italian Renaissance, small independent dominions in the vicinity of the Po river characterised the art and culture of towns and districts that were not far from the city of Reggio Emilia.

Centuries have passed since that time, but these antique little capitals are still vigorous and have conserved signs of their past splendour: Correggio, Novellara and San Martino in Rio.


In 1452 the emperor Frederick III granted the title of Count to the Da Correggio house.

That was the beginning of the period of about 100 years of great fortune for the city and its lords.

The court became an attraction in political and social life, the seat of intense diplomatic and cultural activities. Ludovico il Moro, Ludovico Ariosto, Bembo, Molza, Bernardo Tasso, and many other major artists and nobles of the period came to stay at the court.


The local political and cultural figures were also very gifted, above all Antonio Allegri. Palazzo dei Principi and Museo Civico Il Correggio are must sees. The civic museum exhibits works and materials of great artistic interest, from both public collections and private collections of the Da Correggio.

The exhibition includes fine works by Andrea Mantegna, Girolamo Donnini, Mattia Preti, Baldassare Aloisi known as Galanino, Francesco Madonnina, Mauro Soderini, Luigi Asioli, Adeodato Malaltesta and Vincenzo Vela.


The works on view by Antonio Allegri are the Pietà and the Face of Christ. In San Martino in Rio see the Rocca Estense. It was destroyed by Frederick I Barbarossa in 1167, but was rebuilt and passed to the Roberti family of Reggio Emilia. About 1420 it was taken over by the house.




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