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The "King's Bread"
 The "King's Bread"  This is the name, the "King's Bread" for the bread that is made from wheat cultivated in ...
 Cappelletti Among first courses, cappelletti represent the utmost excellence of the tradition in Reggio, the ...

Local gastonomy




Flavours of fine cooking in Emilia

Traditional recipes


Cooking in Reggio derives from country cooking and was all homemade by cooks called rezdòre in the local dialect. The first course dishes are famous and represent the stronghold, starting with homemade egg pasta: cappelletti served in a fine meat broth, tortelli (green with spinach or chards, of fine mountain potatoes, of pumpkin traditionally served with a mince of fried lard, or more elaborate versions with creative fillings), fresh egg noodles served with meat and game sauce or, in the mountains, with rich boletus mushroom sauces.


Oven baked first courses include the famous lasagne, cannelloni and nests. Rice must not be forgotten either.

This grain is quite popular in local cooking and is used to make interesting and tasty risotti, rice rings, rice in broth and typical cakes of rice. The pot of boiled meats will include zampetto, zampone, lingua (tongue), cotechino, testina and cappello del prete, all served with appropriate garnish of sauces and conserves (some with very ancient origins).


Introducing the thousand year old food traditions in Emilia would not be complete without mentioning the savoury tortes (gnocco al forno, gnocco fritto, erbazzone, stria and chizze) and, likewise, the traditional jams, marmalades and liquors made from local fruits or berries.


Then there are the sweets: zuppa inglese (cream cake), torta di riso (rice cake), torta di tagliatelle (noodle flan), spongata and Biscione di Natale (Christmas serpent). Our advice? Just follow your taste buds wherever they take you on these excursions through a fascinating land.





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