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In the land of Lambrusco

Visiting wine cellars


This is the wine of excellence from Emilia, a unique expression of Italian wine culture.

It represents the most widely grown family of vines in the countryside that stretches east of Parma to include the territories of Reggio, Modena and those bordering on Mantua. An extremely agreeable sparkling wine is produced from these fragrant grapes and it is the most widely exported in the world.


The aficionados are divided between those who prefer the sweet or dry varieties, the aroma of violets or that of red fruits. The fine cooking of Emilia loses something of its character if not accompanied by this excellent sparkling wine.

The bubbling toasts of Luciano Pavarotti during his tours are famous, as is pop star Luciano Ligabue's irreverent combination of "Lambrusco and pop-corn".


In addition to Lambrusco, the white wines of the hills of Scandiano and Canossa are well-known and appreciated. Today wine producers are orienting their wine production to the classic method, as well as fine raisin wines and wines from biologically cultivated vineyards.



Local Wine


Via Salimbene da Parma, 115
Reggio Emilia (Sesso) (RE)
Ph.: 0522 533238
via Staffola, 1
42016 Guastalla (Tagliata) (RE)
Ph.: 0522 825424
via Alessandro Tassoni, 213
Reggio Emilia (Canali) (RE)
Ph.: 0522 569505
Via F.lli Gennaroli, 9
42043 Gattatico (Praticello) (RE)
Ph.: 0522 678330
via Colombo, 103
42017 Novellara (RE)
Ph.: 0522 652055
via San Giovanni, 25
42044 Gualtieri (RE)
Ph.: 0522 828161
via Crispi, 3
Reggio Emilia (RE)
Ph.: 0522 796565

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