Strada dei vini e dei sapori
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between the Via Emilia and the Po




The Corti Reggiane

Along the roads from the city to the river


In this portion of the plain, bordered on the north by the Po river and on the south by the Via Emilia, you may come across places where every taste incorporates the roots of flavours and takes you back to that harmonious expression of what Nature and the respectful labour of men have been capable of creating.


Lulled by the silent progress of the great river, while perhaps recalling the epic contrasts of Guareschi's personages and the naïf fantasies of Ligabue, you may have the chance to taste the age-old heart of balsamic nectar accompanied by the king of cheeses, to be beguiled by salt-cured delicacies and "gnocco fritto" (fried dough), and to be incapable of refusing a dish of classic cappelletti.

The ideal gastronomical itinerary of the spirit of Emilia unwinds between the Via Emilia and the Po under the name of the Route of Wines and Flavours of the Corti Reggiane.


Here you are always welcomed with a smile, an expression of the great will to create and to share, and a sparkling character... something similar to the wine you drink in company.

Along these roads that run parallel to the river or in the little Renaissance capitals, you will take in the air of history together with authentic hospitality that is full of excitement and satisfaction for the palate.



Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori -